Almond Portobello - Only available May - August

Almond Portobello - Only available May - August

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The Almond Portobello, also know as Almond Agaricus, is easy to grow in the summer in the woods or in the shade of garden plants.  We grow it in commercial compost and realize a crop about 55-60 days after inoculation.  This excellent culinary mushroom is known for its almond aroma, similar to marzipan, and its health promoting attributes.  The Almond Portobello, Agaricus subrufescens, has been used as a medicinal food for prevention of cancer, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, and chronic hepatitis.  It is known as an immune modulator and extracts have shown anti-tumor, anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity.

Our spawn is grown on organic compost and can be used to expand the mycelium on more compost, or simply bury the spawn block in the shade, cover with about 3/4” of soil and keep it moist.  For the highest quality mushrooms, harvest when the mushrooms are still in the button stage. 
For commercial production we offer organic grain spawn, please inquire if interested.

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Almond Portobello - Only available May - August