SALMON OYSTER MUSHROOMS (Pleurotus salmoneostramineus)

Pink Oyster Mushroom Spawn - Only available May - August

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PINK OYSTER MUSHROOMS - Pleurotus djamour

Pleurotus djamour

*Only available from May - August*

If you’re looking for a fun mushroom to grow in warm weather, try these Pink Oysters. This eye-catching tropical species grow well on small diameter Ailanthus logs and sticks and straw in warm weather; we offer spawn from March through October.

Sawdust spawn is 5 pounds net weight.
Mushroom plug spawn is sold in bags of 100 and, bulk plug spawn in bags of 500.  Modified cheese wax is available for purchase with the bag of 100 plugs.  We mix the wax with mineral oil, so no daubers are necessary!  You can apply with your finger.

Not sure how to use your spawn? Follow these links:
Sawdust spawn directions
Plug spawn directions

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Pink Oyster Mushroom Spawn - Only available May - August