Pathways to Regeneration Conference

Pathways to Regeneration Conference


Pathways to Regeneration: Soil, Food, and Plant Medicine

The full color, glossy promises from corporate food, pharma and agriculture over the past several decades have faded now against a backdrop of epidemic chronic disease, expensive and inaccessible health care, and critically degraded soils and waterways. As dire as that is, there is incredible news that regeneration of our land and personal health is possible and is indeed happening now.

Join us as we welcome activists and researchers involved in the all-important work of regeneration. Together we will revisit the wisdom of indigenous cultures and their use of healing plants, learn about the rising medical cannabis industry, discover the potential of real, whole food to alter the course of chronic disease, and how we can work with nature to nurture the web of life in our soil and water. Our speakers will share the current research in these fields and introduce attendees to tangible ways to restore physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual health to our families and communities.

This conference will be held at Antioch Midwest, 900 Dayton Street in Yellow Springs, Ohio from Friday, November 1st through Sunday, November 3rd.


Mark Jones is one of the speakers at the Pathways to Regeneration: Soil, Food, & Plant Medicine conference on Nov. 1st - Nov. 3rd being held at Antioch University Midwest.

“As our planet rapidly changes, farmers must find solutions to build and retain resilience in our agroecosystems. Explore alliances with fungi that provide farmers opportunities to support and grow biodiversity, promote soil, plant, and animal health, enhance ecosystem services, provide food and medicine for our communities, and advance biological farming through on-farm research. An introduction to growing mushrooms and microorganisms as solutions towards a regenerative agriculture.” - Mark Jones

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