Shroom Bloom Mushroom Grow Kit

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Shroom Bloom Kit

Bloom organic mushrooms from this bag!

Fun and easy to grow mushrooms for your home, kitchen or classroom.


  • With a clean sharp knife, cut through the burlap and plastic bags from one end of the printed mushrooms to the other
  • Stand the bag upright, or lay it down horizontally in a shallow plate or bowl of water. The burlap will slowly wick the water up helping provide the moisture necessary to grow mushrooms from the cut.
  • Replace water as necessary to keep the bag moist while the mushrooms are growing. If it seems dry or you want a fun daily activity, spritz the bag with water. Be patient and look for young mushrooms forming near the edge of the cut.
  • Mushrooms are ready to harvest when the caps are almost fully expanded but still have a curled under edge. Mushrooms can expand rapidly, so check them at least twice a day.
  • Harvest mushrooms by breaking the cluster away from the bags. You will probably harvest some sawdust growing medium where the mushroom was attached, this can simply be trimmed away.
  • Cook and enjoy your fresh mushrooms!

For a second harvest:

  • Make a similar cut to the first one about 1-2 inches away on the same face of the bag.
  • Keep moist and harvest fresh mushrooms!
  • Cut the burlap and plastic bags at the bottom and remove the sawdust growing medium to a clean bowl. Remove and discard the plastic bag. Repack the sawdust into the burlap bag, close by folding or tying and place the bag in garden mulch. Look for mushrooms when you water or after rain.

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Shroom Bloom Mushroom Grow Kit